Making the world safe for ions, molecules and free radicals.

Consulting Services


Technical Expertise:

Site Surveys - Detailed audits of your procedures for using and storing chemicals. Risk assessments and evaluations of potential workplace hazards; recommendations for corrective action.

Safety Consulting - Regular visits by safety professionals to assist your Company with all areas of chemical and occupational safety. Our safety and environmental professionals become an important addition to your company safety program, providing effective solutions to environmental, health, or safety issues.

Accident Investigation - Critical evaluation of the cause of accidents with recommendations for prevention of recurrence. When an accident occurs, it is important to perform a thorough investigation, to identify the cause and to prevent repetition. Our professionals will join, or lead, your accident investigation team and develop effective corrective actions to protect your employees and your facility.


Review of proposed or installed equipment and processes for safety and technical operation. OSHA requires periodic reviews of certain installations. These reviews are performed by teams, which include experts, such as the professionals from ACSafety. For those processes not covered by the OSHA Standard, a scaled-down review can be performed. Process safety reviews prevent accidents, protect your employees, and save you money.


ACSafety provides technical assistance to a variety of manufacturers of chemical and related products. ACSafety will field chemical compatibility questions, regulatory concerns and other questions from your staff and clients related to your products. ACSafety can also review existing product handling procedures and shipping procedures of your chemical products for overall safety, and regulatory compliance. This can be especially useful if you ship to many different states where regulations can vary. ACSafety's trained scientists can participate in your product development cycle to help identify possible problems, before production. ACSafety's broad experience is a valuable tool for your Product Stewardship Program.


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