Hazardous Materials Training

Advanced Chemical Safety offers customized training covering all areas of chemical handling, chemical safety, spill response and safety and environmental regulations. ACSafety has a national reputation for providing technically sophisticated training in an understandable format .

ALL TRAINING PROGRAMS ARE OFFERED ONLY AT YOUR FACILITY. Group size is normally between 10 and 30. Cost is based on time and expense. A typical one day training program which does not require the instructor to travel or spend a night in a hotel is (as an example)

Instructor fee: $1200

Materials Customization: $600

Materials ($35 per person, 10 persons) $350

ACSafety's trained professional chemists, present one or more day customized seminars to your employees, on your site. Our staff will prepare a customized program specifically tailored to your needs. All participants receive specially prepared manuals and certificates of participation. On-going and follow-up training is available to improve the learning process.

ACSafety's national reputation in providing technically sophisticated training in complex fields in an understandable format is ACSafety's hallmark of excellence. Our skilled trainers can explain complex regulations or detailed operating procedures to your employees in a manner which enhances learning and retention. ACSafety is skilled at "hands-on" training.

Today quality training is more important than ever; it is required by many regulations and training is known to improve productivity, reduce accidents, and have a direct, positive impact on Corporate profits.

ACSafety offers quality training programs to comply with OSHA 1910.120, OSHA 1910.1450 and DOT 49 CFR 172.700 training requirements. ACSafety offers all levels of OSHA 1910.120 certification including those levels described below. ACSafety has been providing training since 1984 and includes up-to-date information and technology. ACSafety's instructors have extensive experience in presenting interactive programs and all have higher degrees in chemistry, industrial hygiene or related fields.


Example AGENDAs for example programs are available for your review. Simply "click" them on. In addition, all AGENDAs can be customized to your facility.

OSHA-Mandated Programs

8, 24, or 40-Hour Courses Available


24-Hour AGENDA

40-Hour AGENDA


8-Hour Course: AGENDA

OSHA 1910.120 requires that all persons trained under the regulation have annual refresher training. Participation in ACSafety's Annual Refresher training course meets this requirement. Each participant receives a manual which outlines the course content, including information on new and proposed regulations impacting hazardous waste operations and emergency response activities, discussion of new technologies, new personal protective equipment, site remediation and spill response techniques, and exploring subjects such as spill incident investigation, review of chemical safety, and response to an injured victim. Each participant receives a certificate of completion suitable for framing and a wallet certification.


8-Hour Course: AGENDA

OSHA requires that those with responsibilities beyond that of the Hazardous Materials Technician receive additional training, specific for their duties. ACSafety offers our Incident Commander Level program for additional training. This course requires that participants have had previous training to the 24 hour level. This 1-day seminar is aimed at all persons who are assigned the responsibility of controlling Emergency Response operations and/or providing an interface with responding authorities. Participants will have the Incident Command System explained in detail, will review procedures for activating local, State and Regional response organizations, and will discuss advanced topics in the selection of personal protective equipment, air monitoring, and decontamination. Each participant in each course receives a detailed manual and certificate of completion suitable for framing and a wallet certification card. Each participant receives a manual, as well as a booklet detailing the incident command system.


4-Hour Course: AGENDA

This ½-day seminar provides participants with the information needed to respond to the most difficult chemical emergency seen in industrial and academic location - a severely injured employee who is also contaminated. Participants will receive a customized training manual which can be used to develop response plans, train responders, or guide an actual response.


4-Hour Course: See the AGENDA

The OSHA Standard "Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response" allows workers to clean-up spills which are incidental to normal work activities without implementing the complex activities of a full-scale spill response. The exception requires, however, that workers are thoroughly familiar with the potential hazards of associated with the chemical, and are trained in the proper spill clean-up procedures. This four-hour seminar will provide participants with the information and skill needed to train workers at their facility to clean-up incidental spills. Each participant will receive a training manual which contains a complete "Incidental Spill Response Procedure". You can review of copy of this procedure by using the above link. Each participant will receive a Certificate of Participation, approximately four to six weeks after the training. Participants will have an opportunity to take part in a "hands-on" simulation of a spill clean-up in a laboratory situation.

OSHA regulations require trained personnel respond to chemical emergencies. The regulations allow, however, small spills, which are incidental to normal work activity, to be cleaned-up by area workers, provided they are properly trained. This ½-day seminar will provide you with the information needed to properly train employees on the clean-up of small spills. Participants will receive a customized training manual which can be used to train laboratory workers, production line employees, and safety & environmental staff on the correct method for the clean-up of small spills. The training manual contains a complete, highly workable "Standard Procedure for Clean-up of Small Spills."

ACSafety also offers a 2-Day Spill Response workshop. This program addresses the same technical issues as the OSHA Technician (24-Hour) program, but does it in two days. AGENDA


8-Hour Course: See the AGENDA

Do your personnel have responsibilities for the preparation, manifesting, labeling or marking of hazardous materials, including hazardous waste? If the answer is yes, these personnel are subject to the U.S. DOT training and testing requirements under HM-126F, 49 CFR 172.700. ACSafety's program will bring your personnel into compliance with the new DOT and training and testing requirement. The course includes information on HM-215, EPA hazardous waste identification and listing. The course will also provide basic information on IATA regulations. The last hour of the course will include a written certification test. Participants receive a manual detailing current DOT shipping regulations as well as hazardous waste shipping regulations. Participants receive a copy of the current Emergency Response Guidebook and pocket guide to Hazardous Materials.


16-Hour Course: See the AGENDA

This 2-day seminar is directed toward supervisors, managers and all chemical handlers. Practical "Rules of Chemical Safety" are explained and methods for their implementation are demonstrated. The program is presented in a straight-forward manner to provide those attending with information on safe chemical usage at manufacturing and laboratory facilities. Several interactive demonstrations are used, aimed at further participant understanding of flammable chemical behavior, effects of toxic chemicals, potential damage caused by corrosive chemicals and the proper storage and handling of hazardous materials. The program covers major areas of chemical and occupational safety and industrial hygiene. Each participant receives a detailed training manual which includes a special section on interpreting Material Safety Data Sheets.


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